vera-siteSince childhood, art has been an important part of my life. Having dabbled in various media, I always return to painting watercolors and oils, as well as photography. I love landscapes, portraits and florals equally, but most often, whatever the subject, I am drawn to the effects of light. Light is critical. It is the essence of all art. Without light there is no color or contrast, no mood, no atmosphere, no drama. It can enhance and transform even a commonplace object, shadow or imperfection into something remarkable. Every change in light creates an entirely new and unique moment. I often rely on photography to document these moments and to inform my painting.


In our fast paced world we are bombarded daily by every kind of stimulus. Much of my work therefore, tends to focus on just one object, one face, one flower, one moment- the better to appreciate it without distraction. Every work has a story. I love to share the feeling or mood or simply the enjoyment that the subject created in me with the viewer.